Letters: Get Dental Health Insurance Coverage | Letters to the Editor

Letters: Get Dental Health Insurance Coverage |  Letters to the Editor

October marks the start of open enrollment, a time when many individuals and families are considering health benefit options and making key decisions for the coming year.

It’s also a good time to remember that good oral health is essential for overall good health and consider how dental coverage can fit into your overall benefits package.

According to the 2022 Oral Health and Wellness of America Report, a national analysis of consumer opinions and behaviors related to oral health, 62% of adults nationwide currently have dental coverage and 85% of parents say their child is covered.

Of those covered, almost all adults agree that dental care saves them money and is well worth the cost. This is largely because dental benefits focus on prevention.

Preventive checks and cleanings are generally covered twice a year at 100%. These contribute greatly to the maintenance of a healthy mouth. These visits can reveal dental problems so they can be treated quickly.

This is important because there is a distinct link between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Untreated dental disease can influence health conditions including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

On the other hand, there are 120 diseases that cause changes in the mouth, allowing dentists to identify signs and symptoms of other potential health issues.

It pays in multiple ways to have and use dental coverage: for peace of mind, overall health benefits, cost savings, and improved quality of life for you and your loved ones.


Doctor of dental surgery


people, not things

On September 26, Allan S. Hill, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Greenville County Public Libraries, said, “The library is not here to promote LGBTQ things, and it’s not here to be against LGBTQ things. The best anyone in this room can hope for from this advice is that it be neutral.

The LGBTQ+ community is a group of people, a group of human beings.

We are not just “things,” as Mr. Hill suggests. We are of all ages, and our presence in society is no more age-inappropriate than the existence of people with different colored hair or eyes.

By a wide margin, the majority of queer adults often say they wish they had the words to express themselves when they were younger.

We were different, we just didn’t know why. Representation is not indoctrination.

If someone can’t think of a gay couple or transgender people without thinking of sexual imagery, then they are dehumanizing us as sex objects.

If their idea of ​​”remaining neutral” is to keep us out of the public eye, then they oppose our existence.

Those who forbid knowledge and objectify humans always have two things in common: history doesn’t see them as heroes, and they thought they were doing the right thing.

Support your libraries and resist book bans by writing to board members and lawmakers.

And vote in November.



Delete Russia Now

The UN can and must hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine violates the Charter of the United Nations, its purpose and its values.

The organization’s charter clearly states that any nation in conflict with another must abstain from voting, therefore Russia cannot vote on any issue related to its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s conduct is contrary to its obligations as a member and its status as a permanent member of the Security Council.

Membership of both is based on mutually agreed terms and conditions that Russia has chosen to reject.

This justifies Russia’s withdrawal from the Security Council.



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