Eligible for Medicare? Here’s what you should consider when choosing a plan

Eligible for Medicare?  Here’s what you should consider when choosing a plan

As inflation causes us all to stretch our dollars, the majority of Americans — including New Jersey residents — are likely focused on finding the best prices without sacrificing quality. Health care can be expensive, so choosing the right insurance plan that meets your individual or family needs can be essential to maintaining a balanced budget.

Right now – during the annual election period from October 15 to December 7 – people who are eligible for Medicare have the opportunity to select a plan that gives them the affordability, convenience and benefits they want, as well as the quality health care they deserve.

Bryce Barnes, 52, engineer and resident of Closer, shares his message about the coronavirus crisis on April 7, 2020: " We need medicare for all now!! "

For the 1.6 million New Jersey people who depend on Medicare for their health insurance, I encourage you to make a list of what you need to have in your plan and then think about what else you would like to include.

  • Network of doctors and hospitals. If you have specific doctors and hospitals that you prefer, make sure they are in-network for the plan you select.
  • More than medical coverage. Determine which benefits are important to you, based on your medical condition and medication needs. Would you like dental, vision and hearing coverage? What about prescription drug coverage?
  • Additional benefits. If you need help with transportation to and from doctor’s appointments; allowances to cover dental, vision or hearing costs; access to fitness programs; or services to support your mental health, these are all considerations when selecting a plan. If you want to receive care at home, consider considering a Medicare Advantage plan with providers who can provide care at home, such as Heal that provides primary care, or CenterWell Home Health which provides home care to people with acute or chronic health conditions.
  • Prescription drug coverage. Prescription drug coverage is included in many Medicare Advantage plans, but it is not part of Original Medicare. Have a list of your medications handy so you can compare estimated prescription costs when evaluating plan options. Some plans even offer $0 copayments for prescriptions.
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