If I ask you about the world’s biggest video streaming platform then without having any doubts you can that it’s YouTube. Am I right? Of course yes! We all are familiar with this biggest video streaming platform where you can get stuff about anything you are looking for. From entertainment to solve your engineering problem, you can get any kind of stuff from YouTube. It’s simply a hub of knowledge and entertainment.

 Furthermore, you can enjoy big video streaming platforms as well like Daily Motion and Netflix. These two are also big video streaming platforms but of course, you can’t find everything from there. Like, if I talk about daily motion, it lacks in having videos because usually, people make and uploads videos on YouTube. Also, if I talk about Netflix then it is made not for a special purpose which is movies and web series, yet it is a paid platform but the paying is worthy due to its quality but again you can’t find every stuff on it.

So we have many reasons to call YouTube the world’s biggest video streaming platform. You can watch anything without getting pay for it. You are not forced to pay for YouTube. You can enjoy yourself freely, can get every important stuff. If you get bored then YouTube is the best option to pass your time. And there is much more.

Let’s explore YouTube. As we know, there are so many features YouTube has. Hopefully, you got the name of the YouTube feature which is YouTube Premium.  

The question arises here that what YouTube Premium is? So let’s discuss it.

YouTube Premium is a paid service, in the past called YouTube red, of YouTube for YouTube lovers. On May 17, 2018, YouTube reported the up and coming rebranding of the administration as YouTube Premium, which authoritatively produced results on June 18. The rebranding came close by the re-dispatch of YouTube Music, with a different membership administration concentrated exclusively on music (that, as in the past, is packaged with the bigger YouTube Premium assistance, and furthermore offered to Google Play Music endorsers). YouTube additionally declared that the cost of the administration would increment from US$9.99 to US$11.99 per month for new supporters; the current valuing, just as the packaging of YouTube Premium advantages with Google Play Music memberships, is grandfathered for the individuals who bought in before the rebranding. Close by the rebranding, the administrations additionally ventured into Canada, and 11 European nations (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom), with more development to come later on. By July 2019, the administrations were accessible at any rate 60 nations and domains.

I know that what you are thinking right now, why I need YouTube Premium when I can watch almost everything on YouTube then why I should pay for it? I was also thinking the same that is it justified to pay $11.99 every month to YouTube or not because YouTube is already free and I am enjoying and watching almost everything on it. 

Similarly, you are thinking that there’s nothing for which I pay. Here you can hopefully find the reason why should pay for it.

Besides everything that, first of all, I am giving you a piece of good news for students that you do not need to pay the full amount for YouTube Premium, YouTube is giving you a discount offer of $5 so you only need to pay $6.99. What else you want then.

Let’s get back to the topic which is YouTube premium. Let me discuss here the advantages you may get from YouTube Premium, this will make you shock and happy at the same time. 

Benefits You Can Get From YouTube Premium 

Here is a list of benefits you can get from YouTube Premium. 

Promotion free review: 

Nobody likes to watch advertisements instead of watching the favorite video. What if you don’t have to watch the advertisement before watching your favorite video? What if you do not have to wait for 5 seconds which feels like 5 hours? Is it sounds like a dream comes true? So then just let’s fasten your seatbelt because this dream is just at your door to become true. Yes, you can see everything on the site with no advertisements. You likewise get advertisement free review on any stage you sign in to with your Google account, including the web, cell phones, or some other spilling gadgets. 

YouTube firsts:

Everyone wants more in their lives, isn’t it? Are you from one of them? Then it’s a piece of great news for you. Now you gain admittance to unique substance, principally from prominent makers, alongside some television programs, narratives, and motion pictures. This is the best feature of YouTube Premium which you may have. 

Background play:

Background play is one of the most interesting features which you can get from YouTube Premium. It is existing in a few mobiles currently, but if it is not on your phone, no need to worry and just relax because YouTube Premium is giving you a way to enjoy this feature on every android. The interesting part is that how it works so let’s check; the sound from the video you’re reviewing will keep on playing regardless of whether you’re outside the application or your telephone show is shut. On Android, you can likewise see recordings picture-in-picture while you utilize different applications on your telephone.

Download recordings: 

Don’t have enough time to watch your favorite video as soon as it uploads? Want to watch it when you don’t have internet around? But suffering from video offline unavailability? Do not need to suffer more. You can download recordings or playlists to watch disconnected on your cell phone or tablet. Hopefully, it will sound interesting to you.

YouTube Music Premium: 

Does Buy One Get One Free offer makes you excited? Then the YouTube premium is just here to make you excited. Because you will not only enjoy the above benefits from YouTube Premium but also you will allow enjoying another service with this service. It’s like Buy One Service Get One Service Free. You can get access to YouTube Music Premium and all the advantages and features of it. 

Besides the above features, Google will add more interesting benefits to YouTube Premium afterward.

News for Creators

One of the least discussed parts of YouTube Premium is income sharing. 

On the off chance that you as of now square advertisements on YouTube with a promotion blocker, the Premium assistance may sound quite futile. In any case, advertisement blockers keep makers on the stage from accepting income from your perspectives. For some, the advertisement income is one of their essential wellsprings of salary. 

Premium offers a route for watchers to have an advertisement free encounter, while as yet adding to their preferred substance makers. 

To register this, YouTube consolidates a segment of all the income it gets from the administration. It at that point conveys that add up to makers dependent on the absolute view time they got from Premium supporters. Along these lines, the channels you observe most get a greater portion of the pie. 

Because of YouTube’s severe adaptation rules, numerous recordings get demonetized. Be that as it may, a maker can, in any case, make income from Premium supporters, regardless of whether her video is ineligible for promotions.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It? 

The last thing is here to discuss with you that is YouTube Premium Worth it or not? Then it relies upon how regularly you utilize the administration. On the off chance that you as often as possible utilize the versatile application, foundation play and disconnected downloading are fabulous highlights to have. With such a significant number of YouTube channels presently facilitating long-structure content, the alternative to tune in to protracted recordings when you’re not in the application is convenient. It’s extraordinary for tuning in while you drive or cook supper. 

On the off chance that you frequently watch YouTube from your work area, the utility is certainly in the promotion blocking. Video advertisement incomes have been falling of late, which has driven makers to put significantly more promotions in their substance. If you need to watch recordings continuous while as yet supporting the individuals who make them, Premium is the best way to do as such.

One interesting point, however, is the Originals library is moderately little. In case you’re not keen on watching Premium substance from makers, you’ll presumably discover the choice truly dull.

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